Silky Lady

Posted by Zora Zoé Schmidt (Greifswald (Gryphonwood), Germany) on 24 September 2010 in Animal & Insect and Portfolio.

I love garden spiders! They do so much good for us, they can really be called "health police" - they catch tons of insects every day. We keep the garden spiders webs as a naturally fly gaze in front of our windows :-)
Last year we had a big orange garden spider in the house, I worried if the weekly cleaning woman of the house maybe would will kill her. The spider was a "mom", she has finespun an orange golden cocoon for her little babies, but the half of her eggs she lost already dripping on the floor - alas! So I took her and her cocoon in an empty honey glass - and put both in my apartment - underneath the window. Little sad - those animals only live two years - and so the adult spider died a few days later naturally. Winter was very hard - but in springtime ca. 100 little baby spiders came into their new life and I was really happy to get them through the cold days. At least some of them were saved - it was a pleasure for me :-)

Ein warmes Willkommen, und vielen Dank für den Besuch in meinem Photoblog :-) Leider ist mein Zeitkontingent sehr begrenzt, und so kann ich manchmal Kommentare nicht beantworten, obgleich ich es liebe und jeden einzelnen überaus schätze. Aber ich lese sie alle - und gebe jedem meinen herzlichsten Dank :)

A warm welcome and thank you so much for visiting my photoblog :-) Alas, I have a limited amount of time at the moment, so I can't respond comments sometimes, even if I love to. But I do read them all, and appreciate every one. Sincere thanks are given to them all :)

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Nikon COOLPIX P100
1/78 second
ISO 160
86 mm


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